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Pictures of Jennifer Morrison cum-covered

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Probably one of the best parts of finishing up when you’re fucking a chick is making her lean forward on her knees, in front of you while you’re yanking your cock off, and watch her open her mouth expectantly, obediently, and spray her face, her mouth, and burn her fucking eyesight off with streams of cum spewing from your cock. The face they get is just precious: most of them close their eyes, but the braver chicks keep them open and lingering steadily on your dick, and then you see them cringe a little as the first thread of cum leaps at their face, and their mouths open wider, their hands grip their thighs tighter, until their face is covered in a mask of your own cum. The desire to see it may be kin to marking a guy’s territory, or could just be the exercise of plain perversion.

Lucky us there’s chicks like Jennifer Morrison who’s more than willing to get on their knees to get a faceful. Facials can be gross for some (that small margin highly populated with hypocrites), but to the majority who appreciate it, it can be an awesome ending to an intese bout of fucking, especially one that involves you blowing your load all over hot Jennifer Morrison. If you’re encouraged by my sentiments, and I know you are, feel free to check out more pictures of Jennifer Morrison getting a hot, sticky facial.

Jennifer Morrison will check your pulse naked

Friday, March 12th, 2010

One of the more popular fantasies played out in porn movies is the doctor-patient scenario: the unassuming patient, usually the chick, is laid on a cold, stainless steel examining table, while the doctor, who for some reason forgot to wear anything beneath his lab gown but made sure there was a stethoscope around his neck, is feeling up and down her conveniently naked body, looking for bumps and signs of an illness that, for sure, are NOT there. Then the chick is turned on, and another dude, this time an assistant (but still in nothing but a lab gown) comes in to “assist” the doctor. After the doctor checks her pulse with the stethoscope (the turning point in the scenario, take note), he takes of his stifling lab gown and proceeds to fuck the chick right on the examining table, all thought of medical malpractice and his doctor’s license out of his mind.

Usually it’s the dude who gets to fondle and and examine the chick’s tits and pussy, but with hot Jennifer Morrison around, it’s the ladies’ turn to push us guys down the table so they can pleasure us with their professional, practiced hands. And with a body like this, who wouldn’t scramble to get on top of the table first? I’d heartily skip the pretense, pull the damn stethoscope from Jennifer’s ears, and beg her to sit on top of my throbbing dick. Now that’s a doctor’s visit anyone would agree to; hell, it’s an appointment I’d pay to have! Just seeing Jennifer Morrison dressed up as a doctor and displaying her pussy is making me think of even nastier thoughts, so jump the link and fulfill your fantasies!

Jennifer is an adventurous fucker

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Anybody who’s ever fucked a chick who’s too wild to be contained in one position knows that things can get pretty fucked up while you’re trying to fit your dick in her pussy. Sometimes things can get too rough and awesomely wild that you’ll hardly be able to keep fucking in just one position, and some of those positions can be pretty fucking outrageous. Just look at Jennifer Morrison here, who’s kind enough to keep a straight face for the camera for just a fraction of a second before she goes back to getting drilled upside down by some anonymous fuck buddy she invited back home. Now that’s a position I’d like to do with Jennifer. Although I don’t think my dick can bend as far down as that… but if it means pleasuring Jennifer Morrison and hearing her moan from being fucked in such an adventurous fashion, then call me Mr. Flexible. Now, here’s the best part of this position, when you’re ready to blow your load, fight the temptation and pull out of Jennifer’s raw pussy. Pop that jizz right on her crotch, and watch your cum dribble lazily down to her upside down stomach, in between her packed tits, crawl the hump that is her chin, and watch her mouth waiting impatiently to taste what trickle of sperm has managed to survive the trek across her horny body. Now it THAT doesn’t get your waistbands bulging, I don’t know what will. So hop on, and check out Jennifer Morrison in the skankiest and smuttiest fuck positions ever!